Modern App Development

MAH04 Data Visualization: Where Does Tech End and UX Begin?


2:30pm - 3:45pm

Level: Intermediate

Scott Diehl

Practice Lead for Data & Analytics


As modern organizations increasingly decide to expose internal data to external customers and partners – often with the explicit goal of "monetizing" the work – industry interest has arisen in providing engaging dashboard and report experiences worthy of a consumer's time (and potentially $$).

Enter the world of embedded data visualization, where the data developer, application developer, and UX designer work together to provide a seamless application experience that doesn't expect the user to employ multiple external tools – such as Excel, or a report management interface – to conduct data analysis and gain business insight.

In this session, we will be using Power BI to illustrate:

  • The hazy line between designing data visualizations and developing the necessary data and analytic capabilities (and infrastructure) required to support them
  • The trade-offs between "out-of-the-box" reporting applications (portals and mobile apps) and more customized embedded experiences
  • The issues that application developers, data developers and UX designers need to consider when integrating or embedding data visualizations into custom applications