Live! 360 Gives Back

The "Live! 360 Gives Back" program gives conference participants an opportunity to make a positive contribution to the host community in the short amount of time they spend there.

“The Coalition for the Homeless is so grateful to have received over 850 pairs of socks from Converge 360 Events! We work with over 500 individuals experiencing homeless each day. In addition to finding housing, we also provide all of their essential needs – and socks are always a must have! Partners like you help us fulfill our mission each and every day.”

Kristen Pena, Director of Community Engagement, Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida


The Live! 360 Orlando Conference proudly partnered with Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida as its "Live! 360 Gives Back" 2019 partner.

Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida is a low barrier residential shelter with a focus on housing, emergency services, and diversion. They help families and individuals return to stable, permanent homes as quickly as possible.

Each day they serve more than 500 men, women, and children through their residential programs, as well as more than 100 unsheltered individuals through their community initiatives. Through the support of their community, the Coalition has been able to evolve and adapt to the changing needs – and the changing faces – of the homeless for over three decades.


Our conference attendees donated in-kind donations that directly benefited the homeless community of Orlando by bringing a pair of new socks to Live! 360. Still interested in helping? You check out their full Wish List here to see how else you can help.


Live! 360 provided bags to all attendees to carry laptops, notepads, pens, and other pertinent items around while at the conference. The bags can also serve as useful souvenirs to take back home or to the office to remind you about the great conference you just attended. However, not everyone needs a new backpack. Attendees donated their bags after the conference to the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida.

For more information on the "Live! 360 Gives Back" program or how you can help, contact our Conference Registrar Joyce Jackson at or 949.296.9840.