PowerShell and DevOps, Workshops

TMM02 Workshop: PowerShell Remoting Deep Dive


8:30am - 5:30pm

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Jeffery Hicks

PowerShell Author, Teacher, Mentor

PowerShell Remoting Deep Dive Microsoft wants you to be able to manage anything from anywhere using PowerShell. For that to happen you will need to take advantage of PowerShell Remoting. For that to happen effectively and securely you are going to need more than simple remoting. This full-day workshop, led by PowerShell author and expert Jeff Hicks, will guide into the depths of PowerShell remoting in both the Windows PowerShell and Core worlds. We'll look at how to setup secure sessions with SSL, how to remote with SSH, how to use disconnected sessions and we'll dive into Just Enough Administration.

You will learn:

  • How to create and deploy a JEA endpoint
  • How to use SSH remoting with PowerShell Core
  • How to securely setup PowerShell remoting