Cloud-Native Infrastructure, Full Day Hands-On Labs

CCS01 Hands-On Lab: Hands-On with Cloud-Native .NET Development


9:00am - 6:00pm

Level: Introductory to Intermediate

Rockford Lhotka

VP of Strategy


In this hands-on lab you will learn how to install and interact with Docker and Kubernetes (using minikube). Using that infrastructure, you will learn how to build .NET Core apps in Visual Studio that run in a k8s environment: web apps, web APIs, and message-based services. Along the way you'll learn numerous cloud-native best practices around microservice and message-based/event-based architecture, 12-factor design, how to avoid the fallacies of distributed computing, and more.

You will learn:

  • How to install Docker and Kubernetes locally
  • How to build .NET Core apps that deploy to k8s
  • How to implement a microservice-based app

Attendee Requirements:

You must provide your own laptop computer, GitHub or Azure DevOps cloud subscription, and Azure subscription (from MSDN or your organization) for this hands-on lab. The latest hands-on lab content can always be found here: This includes an up to date list of knowledge, services, and workstation software you should have set up or installed before arriving at the hands-on lab: Please remember that bandwidth and time are both limited at the event, so it is important to have your laptop pre-configured with the necessary software before arriving on-site. There may be some last-minute fixes to the code so we recommend waiting to clone the repository until a day or two prior to the HOL. The installation part is imperative to do in advance.