TMW07 Surviving a Ransomware Attack Using Azure Site Recovery (Demo Fest)


2:00pm - 3:15pm

Level: Introductory

Émile Cabot

Microsoft MVP

Principal Consultant

TriCon Elite Consulting

Dave Kawula

Principal Consultant

TriCon Elite Consulting

From Enterprise Admin credentials being leaked to a limited access breach, we will go into detail on two different Ransomware attacks. We look at the attacker's approach, the DR solutions in place, and what was ultimately required for a complete recovery. This session is a great opportunity to learn from others' mistakes, and ensure you're taking the right steps to protect your important data.

This session is 100 % demo based and will showcase:

  • Azure Site Recovery
  • Azure Security Center
  • Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection for Servers
  • Ransomware Testing Tools

If you are serious about protecting your infrastructure from cyber attacks like Ransomware, this session is a must attend.

You will learn:

  • Why traditional DR does not protect against Ransomware
  • What procedures need to be in place when an attack occurs
  • Step-by-Step remediation guide