SharePoint Infrastructure Management and Administration, For IT Professionals

SPTH07 Wish I’d Have Known That Sooner! SharePoint 2013 Insanity Demystified


9:30 AM - 10:45 AM

Level: Everyone

Dan Holme

Dan Holme

Microsoft MVP

Microsoft Technologies Evangelist


After years of helping organizations around the world to deploy and implement SharePoint, Dan Holme has found that there are certain pain points that almost everyone encounters. Some are confusing concepts. Some are unfortunate decisions made based on misunderstanding Microsoft’s UI or documentation. Some are due to unnecessarily complex terminology. And some because there are things we might think that SharePoint should do, but can’t. In this session, Dan will share the most common and problematic scenarios, and their solutions, with the goal of saving you pain, time, and money. Think of this session as “Lessons Learned,” “Best Practices,” or “From the Field” on steroids. Whether you’re new to SharePoint or a seasoned veteran, in this grab-bag session there will be treasures for you!