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SPT01 Everything You Need To Know About SharePoint Social Capabilities


11:00 AM - 12:15 PM

Richard Harbridge

Richard Harbridge

Senior SharePoint Architect/Evangelist

Portal Solutions

SharePoint is used as an enterprise collaboration platform in almost every organization, yet many organizations are still in the process of deciding why and when they should implement some of the new SharePoint 2010 social capabilities. While many organizations understand the benefits social technology can provide it's not clear how SharePoint measures up against other social technologies, and perhaps more importantly what the true benefits social capabilities in SharePoint provide to real business scenarios.

Join Richard Harbridge as he provides an objective overview of what works well, and what works poorly in SharePoint 2010 and how it can help your SharePoint implementation be more successful.

You will learn:

  • Strengths and weaknesses of SharePoint’s native social capability and how you can tackle those weaknesses
  • Real world risks that SharePoint social capabilities can introduce and how to tackle them
  • How to begin planning a social strategy and roll out with SharePoint