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SPT03 SharePoint Designer 2010: Wish I Had Known What it Can Do Before I Coded My Solution


11:00 AM - 12:15 PM

Level: Intermediate

Asif Rehmani

Asif Rehmani

Trainer / President


When developers find out what SharePoint Designer 2010 can do in a fraction of time as opposed to Visual Studio, they are often very surprised. This session is targeted towards developers who want to explore the many facets of SharePoint Designer 2010 and see how it can make their life a lot easier. It covers the best practices of everything from how to create powerful workflows to fetching data from all sorts of repositories like databases, web services, server side scripts, RSS feeds and more. Come to this session first before you start coding your solution!

You will learn:

  • How SharePoint Designer 2010 fits into the big picture when it comes to 'developing' for SharePoint 2010
  • Automate business processes using powerful SharePoint Designer 2010 Workflows
  • Access and present line of business data using Data Views in SharePoint Designer 2010