SharePoint and the Cloud, For IT Professionals, For Managing IT

SPT06 SharePoint In The Cloud: Evaluating The Impact, Pros, and Cons


2:00 PM - 3:15 PM

Richard Harbridge

Richard Harbridge

Senior SharePoint Architect/Evangelist

Portal Solutions

Microsoft has unleashed their cloud strategy and Office 365 is now publically available. What does this mean for organizations using SharePoint today? How can organizations leverage the Microsoft cloud effectively with their SharePoint implementations and future SharePoint Strategies?

In the marketplace, information on SharePoint ‘and the cloud' abounds. Much of this information is fluffy, ‘cloud-like' marketing material, or does not clearly explain how businesses can practically leverage “Cloud” technology with SharePoint. Join Richard as he discusses the practical application of Microsoft's cloud technology and SharePoint, when it has brought measurable benefit to organizations, and when to avoid it.

Geared toward companies struggling with understanding what SharePoint in the Cloud really is, those that have not yet implemented SharePoint 2010 and those looking to migrate.

This session will cover:

  • Implementing SharePoint in the Cloud
  • Differences between Hosted and In house solution
  • Cost
  • Features lost/gained
  • Finding the Right Hosting Provider
  • Drawbacks and Integration Issue