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SPT10 SharePoint Meet Enterprise Content Management


4:15 PM - 5:30 PM

Level: Intermediate

Chris Riley

Chris Riley

Vice President of Product Marketing

Pingar Inc.

Only recently was SharePoint accepted in the ECM space. This session explores WHY SharePoint 2010 is now accepted as an ECM solution and what the impact of SharePoint 2010 has been on the ECM space. We will explore the language barrier, information architecture and planning considerations. Focus will be put on the features Document Sets, Content Organization, Content Type Publishing, Information Management Policies, In-Place Records Management, Audits, and eDiscovery. Discuss some best practices when using SharePoint as ECM, and view a few demos.

You will learn:

  • Complete understanding of what ECM is
  • Ability to talk the ECM talk
  • High level strategy for ECM in SharePoint