SharePoint Infrastructure Management and Administration, For IT Professionals

SPW15 Four Steps to Faster, More Efficient SharePoint Deployments


4:00 PM - 5:15 PM

Level: Intermediate

Bob Gilbert

Bob Gilbert


Riverbed Technology

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 has proliferated across not only corporate intranets and public facing websites, but also data centers and branch sites, challenging ITs ability to manage deployments and ensure performance and availability. This session guides IT administrators through four steps that simplify management and provide users faster, better access.

These include:

1) Identifying what is on your SharePoint network, including who is using what;

2) Centralizing and consolidating SharePoint Server farms;

3) Managing traffic spikes; and 4) expediting page loading.

Bob will first examine how network performance management technologies can assist with building a map of all systems, server and client dependencies and locations to achieve an accurate picture of your SharePoint landscape. Next, he’ll discuss leveraging data deduplication, TCP protocol optimization, data streaming, prioritization and QoS to speed SharePoint operations by up to 30X and reduce bandwidth utilization by up to 99%. The third step addresses the issue of server availability and how application delivery controllers can meet the need for greater throughput from the SharePoint server farm. Finally, the content on SharePoint web pages can be tuned -- resulting in up to 76% reduction in load times and up to 43% less traffic.

You will learn:

  • Why it's essential to understand system and application dependencies prior to SharePoint deployments
  • How application “chattiness” can slow SharePoint performance over long distances
  • How a holistic approach to performance and availability can deliver the benefits of centralization (from a management perspective) while delivering fast access for end users